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Landscape photography

Landscape photography is about living the nature. Every picture is not only showing a great view, it is telling a story, mostly about a long and steep way up somewhere. For a good landscape picture I am always willing to get a little bit further as you normally would do.

At the moment I am in New Zealand. That is why most of my pictures are from there. There will be more beautiful countries following, for sure.

The edge of the world

Tunnel Beach, New Zealand

coastline with big waves and wonderful green and blue water

Spring and the ocean

Aramoana, New Zealand

Coastline with springflowers and wonderful green and blue water

Colorful mirror

Lake McGregor, New Zealand

Sunset at mirror lake with a colorful mountain scenery

Shades of blue

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Open wide

Bealey (Arthurs Pass), New Zealand

Stairway to heaven

Temple Basin (Arthurs Pass), New Zealand

High above the lake

Mount Robert, New Zealand

Home under the stars

Mapua, New Zealand

beautiful stars over a cottage with rhododendron in the front

The lonely tree

Takaka Hill, New Zealand

very strange and round shaped tree in the graslands

Sunset in the salt marsh

Blenheim, New Zealand

Sunset in the salt marsh with amazing color mirroring in the water

Moving water

Purakaunui Falls and Wainui Falls, New Zealand

Conqueror of waves

Blenheim and Motueka, New Zealand

Diversity in nature

Wanaka, New Zealand

Up is down

Glacier Country, New Zealand

Colors of the water

Hokitika, New Zealand

Wild and untamed bush

Karamea, New Zealand

Waves of water and sand

Wharariki Beach, New Zealand

Dreaming in the jungle

Abel Tasman Nationalpark, New Zealand

Above the sea

French Pass, New Zealand

The perfect volcano

Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

Rough sea

Patea Beach, New Zealand

Sunrise at cathedral cove

Hahei, New Zealand

Green rocks

Coromandel Forest Park, New Zealand

Two oceans

Cape Reinga, New Zealand

Rocks in the waves

Hokianga Harbour, New Zealand