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Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is about catching the right moment. Patience is important in this business, because you cannot force animals to do what is good for picture, and you do not want to. I like it to take my time to get to know the animals I want to shoot. Research is important but also just watching them doing what they are used to do. Some moments are impressive and beautiful, some are touching or tragic, und some are just funny.

For me it is very important not to disturb the animals or to scare them. This is the first rule for the safety of the animals and your own.

Lazy day in the sun

New Zealand Sealion, Surat Bay, New Zealand

Back from fishing

Yellow Eyed Penguin, Moeraki, New Zealand

Is there someone to annoy?

Kea, Arthurs Pass, New Zealand

a naughty kea, a mountain parrot

The giant sperm whale

Sperm Whale, Kaikoura, New Zealand

A seal in the sunset

Furseal, Shag Point, New Zealand

a seal posing in the sun in front of the water

The majestic Royal Albatross

Royal Albatross, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

Clumsy Yellow Eyed Penguins

Yellow Eyed Penguin, Moeraki, New Zealand

Free living seals

Furseal, Moeraki, New Zealand

Sheep at the lake

Sheep, Wanaka, New Zealand

sheep at the lake in front of the mountains

Colorful ducks

Paradise Ducks, Wanaka, New Zealand

colorful paradise ducks at the lake in front of the mountains

A naughty little Weka

Weka, Karamea, New Zealand

Portrait of a Weka very close

Into the eye of a seal

Furseal, Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

Portrait of a seal very close